Sangoma Records starts the New Year with a big bang, and we are happy to announce the debut album of one of our main representatives of the fresh psychedelic Brazilian school for shamanic jungle music: Diksha. While other artists practice the silly art of putting their index finger in the air to easy listening triplet and offbeat music, this breed of artists explore the rich heritage of indigenous wisdom, knowledge and experience, which reflects in their music and are offering something real that make superficial dance floor vibes vanish within seconds. The result is a deep state of trance, induced through sound frequencies, which carry the message of Awakening, Understanding, and Interconnectedness of all beings of the spiritual world of the indigenous cosmology. This album is mastered by Scorb, and contains collaboration tracks with artists such as Gaspard, Purist, Fungus Funk, Spectral. Teletransport is written by David with the Intention of stimulating your brain’s thetawaves and function as a vehicle to yourself in the force majeure.

Sangoma Records - medicinal music.

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