Ironic Cultures

Compiled by Izzy & Cosinus

Sangoma Records feels obligated to inform you about our next release. Listen at your own risk! Nothing for the weak hearted nor for genre fanatics. The ironic saga continues with DJ’s Izzy and Cosinus have teaming up once again to deliver you some strong brew for your senses. No fillers on this one guaranteed! The Swizz Schnitzel and the New York City Bagel Boy tried to top their last compilation Ironic Creatures from 2013, and the result speaks for itself. It has been already tested at various festivals this summer by their labelmanagers, and gets the stamp of being both extremely dancefloor friendly and psychedelic as f*!# - a pedagogic valuable starter-pack for fresh sounds with a twist. Or to say it with Confucius’ (ca. 559 B.C) words: “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”

Ironic Cultures has it all – it’s the right antidote against stubborn predictable music, and harsh everyday realities.

Available now!

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