Quantum Mind


Sangoma Records presents “Quantum Mind” the debut album of Babagoon from Brazil. Gustavo Jeker is also known for his project “ Space Vision” and released his debut album on the Japan based label Grasshopper in 2012. The Babagoon project reflects his edgier side of psychedelia – a powerful twisted combination of atmospheric foresty sounds, tribal percussions and deep mighty mesmerizing groove. Babagoon will be the first release of a new “psychedelic Brazilian school” we want to introduce – it represents a very lysergic visionary sound, that tastes like earth, and smells like the jungle; enriched and inspired by indigenous shamanic themes, which are native in the diverse culture of both urban and rural Brazil. A true glimpse of the countries’ spirit - far away from common eurocentristic ideas and stereotypes like carnival, waxing and bikinis.

Sangoma records – Medicinal Music.

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