Compiled by Emiel

Sangoma Records is happy to unleash Chacaruna, the final chapter of Emiel’s trilogy. After Mystic Vocation and Cryptoforestry he delivers some up-to-date psychedelic trance, which has the capability to create some mayhem just in time for the festival season. Handcrafted sangomesque music and exiting collaborations expend the boundaries of night-time music. This release theme is inspired by the Chacaruna, the plant healers of South America, which reflects in the incredible artwork by Luis Tamani Amasifuen. This music is aimed to help you cross-states of consciousness. A release made with love, passion and dedication, mastered by Scorb and available as a digipack CD, or digital download. Enough said – Let the plants do the talking.

Sangoma Records – organic medicine for your ears.

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