Gospodin (Extended Version)


Sangoma recordsis happy to release the digital version of the -Z- (alpha & antagon) album "Gospodin" including bonus tracks never released on CD before. Both members of the German project have a rich musical background, been in the scene for decades and performed at some of the biggest festivals and underground events such as Ozora, Boom Festival, VuuV Festival, Universo Parallelo, Psycrowdelica ... This Sangoma release contains modern, well produced psychedelic night time music with a musical and experimental touch. It‘s loaded with new influences and surprises - fitting like a perfect soundtrack to the Zeitgeist of resistance and protest. This concept album contains 12 tracks and two bonus tracks by Ectogasmics (Germany/Sweden) and Jesus Raves (Serbia) and a video of the title track by Tim Travell (Germany). Collaborations with unique underground artists such as Kindzadza, Paratox and Cosmo ("Piss Off") add extra spice to the -Z- formula. The Only Good System Is A Sound System !

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