Compiled by Back to Mars

Sangoma recs is delighted to present a compilation by one of the most respected DJane in the psytrance community. 9Lives of Hofmann was a party organization founded by 4 Dutch guys in 1999 that became a legend in Amsterdam, throwing underground parties that always kept going. The spirit of 9Lives is the following: never stop, never quit, never give up! It was with 9Lives that Back to Mars learnt to DJ 11 years ago and played her first set and many other sets that followed. It is In their honor that her first compilation, 9Lives, is coming out on Sangoma Records. To cherish the spirit of endurance, stamina and passion for what 9Lives believes: good music! This compilation includes but does not restrict itself to the styles that Back to Mars enjoys the most. Building up from Progressive Psychedelic Trance, Psygressive & Deep Psychedelics, to finally hit its ultimate chord on Dark Psytrance. May this compilation bring you joyful understanding and appreciation for music, may it make your body move in rhythm and take you up to a higher dimension.

Get a grip of 9Lives, it will keep you going even when all sounds have ceased to exist.

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