The Accelerated Path

Ingrained Instincts

In the last few years Greece has developed a vibrant and outstanding batch of fresh, exiting producers from various subgenres within Psychedelic Trance, and we from Sangoma Records are happy to unleash one of our best-kept secrets – Ingrained Instincts. These two Greek sound manipulators have already kicked up a storm with their unique music consisting of digital and analogue modular sounds – an amalgamation of many variations which don’t fit in one box. Dafy based in Thessaloniki and Tile who is based in London have been busy collaborating with different artists lately in two separate studios, and had an outstanding performance at Ozora Festival 2016, and those malakas are currently working on their debut album.

This is one project you have to keep an ear out for, because before you know it you’ll be dancing away.

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