Module Virus

It is an emotional moment but gives us great joy to announce the brilliant and final album by the late Bruno Isidro aka Module Virus titled “Shukran”, which in Arabic means “Thank You”. Bruno’s last wish to us was to give this masterpiece for free to all his fans as a kind gesture for supporting him endlessly throughout the time he spent producing music. This was all he wanted to do as most of you know. Making music and watch people enjoy themselves while dancing to it.

So here are 9 brand spanking new Module Virus tunes including a GMS remix from the legend. We would like to thank all of Bruno’s friend's, fans, and supporters. We invite you to download, listen, dance, remember Bruno and spread this album like wildlife. We can only hope this will make Bruno happy wherever he is. Let’s celebrate together in his memory. Thank you and be kind to one another.

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