Sangoma Records proudly presents the debut album of Purist from Brazil. This album blends Leonardo Tozzi’s musical ideas with his psychedelic and spiritual experiences, which are inspired by indigenous ideas that reflect in the music. Aumpram refers to a sacred language that is said to have enormous vibratory power and healing prosperities. A 10 track aural journey including collaborations with artists such as EVP, Kabayun, Via Axis, Yachay that will turn dancefloors into a jungle cinema. Music made with love brought Leonardo to all corners of the world including Boom Festival 2016. We at Sangoma are happy to work with him as well as a “school” of other Brazilian artists that reflect our musical vision and enrich our musical spectrum, making it a strong pillar and trademark sound of our label because it resembles what we have in mind: Authentic mind altering, trance inducing music that tastes like earth and smells like the jungle.

Sangoma Records – organic medicine for your ears.

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