Live Act - Spain
Render is the psytrance project by Ricky Casero - also known as Frequency Less (Psybreaks/ Downtempo). Born into a family of classical musicians, Ricky has been practicing and performing since he was 5 years old. His talent and commitment took him around the globe, joining orchestras as a horn soloist.

Around 2010 Ricky started exploring the magical realms of psychedelic music through his classical eye and realized how psychedelia is connected to his previous studies - the trancey melodies, and the complexity in structure.

His first project Frequency Less was born in 2011 resulting in intelligent Psybreaks and downtempo music production. He has collaborated with artists such as Hedflux, Bad Tango, Chris Voro, Split&Jaxta, etc.

In 2015 he launched his psytrance project Render to start practicing his skills on more powerful beats. After only some months in the studio, he was releasing and playing on Mutagen Records alongside big and well-known artists on the psytrance global scene.

His unique style is a mix of creatively blended night atmospheres and vigorous bass lines. Unexpected combinations of catchy vocals and acid funky grooves make the journey super energetic and fluid for the dancer, without missing the soul and essence of the psytrance self-exploring experience.
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