Live Act - Germany
At the age of 6 Josh Eritas started his formal music education on a trumpet just to continue on the piano the following years. He kept investing more and more time and passion in music and was so able to gain a wide range of experience. From solo concerts and performances in small jazz clubs up to music contests he took up every opportunity resulting in his first prize at the music competition ""Jugend Musiziert"". When he took his first steps into the world of Psytrance, he was immediately captured by the broad variety in the music and the underlying scene and began producing. Within a few months, he immersed himself completely into sound design and working with synthesizers. Together with his roommate formed ""Root Sector Records"", a small Psytrance Label in Germany and released his first EP at Purple Hexagon Records and the second as Lakitu (in collaboration with Act One) on Sangoma.
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