Live Act - Switzerland
Michael W. is dj Cosinus born 1979 in Germany. He discovered the world of electronic music at the young age of 13, inspired by artist like Yello, Kraftwerk and the hard rythem of detroit techno and house music . He started his first steps behind a pair of turntables and a mixing desk at a local youth club in his hometown in germany at the age of 15. In the year 1997 he started to work as a resident dj in several techno clubs in the southern area, he also played at parties all over germany, shared the stage with the big names from the german techno scene. 1998 was the year he changed his musical direction completely – he discovered the world of psychedelic trance and very quickly he started to collect and play this “secret” sound at small private underground parties all over austria, germany and switzerland. Since 4 Years he’s now residing in Switzerland and played 2 years there for Fractal Records, one of the best local organizers and one of the best known records labels to this time. His style can best described as pumping, groovy, snarling, epic forest trance – strictly no cheese. Fits perfect for the early sunrise times, but he also loves to tell weird psychedelic night stories with bpm’s ranging from 145 to 150. Cosinus is a dj not be missed at any party!!
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