Black Noise

Live Act - Greece
The man behind The Black Noise Project is Kostas Angelopoulos aka Xtatic Shiva, a Psychedelic and Goa Trance producer from Athens, Greece. He’s been producing music since 2005 and Black Noise is his new project that dives into Deep Psychedelic Trance and explores the mysteries of the universe and its contents by transforming colors, feelings, memories, scents and sounds into rhythmic bursts of energy. Shortly after its birth the project releases music on Nano, Sangoma, Phantasm, Blacklite, BMSS, Geomagnetic, Maharetta and Goa Productions before joining legendary TIP Records! In 2016 there’s a shift towards night-time music while retaining the psychedelic flavor that defines the project and naturally lands on mighty Sangoma records right at the end of the year. In only a short time the sound has already reached the United States, South Africa, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil, Croatia, Cyprus and Hungary with Ozora 2015, Universo Parallelo #13 and Equinox(USA)#13 as milestones! And the journey continues… Peace and Love!
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