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Petits Agites (Gaspard & Neuromotor)

2020 has been a melting pot of emotions…. exacerbated feelings of all sorts, a lot of which hate, fear, pain, loneliness…. but on the flip side of these are positivity and creation, love and solidarity. 2020 is the year Petits Agités was created by Neuromotor and Gaspard. We felt that remaining silent in the face of intolerance was complicit and decided to make some noise. Having both had roots in the punk movement, we decided to combine our forces and our worlds to make something fresh. The result is the sound of our reaction to all that is going on right now: capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia. Agitation is a state of nervous excitement, the movement of one or more components to improve contact or a disturbance. We want to be the disturbance! We view our anger as a very valid emotion and we refuse to hold it back or let it be defused in a wave of escapism. our goal is to translate this fury into comprehensive and powerful beats, music with a soul and a meaning, that will blast your mind and shake your body and hopefully inspire some consciousness! Petits Agités won’t be silent, play our music loud. Don’t only hear us, listen to us!

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