The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

Compiled by LeoHawk

Your medicinal music dispensary Sangoma Records brings you a fresh freaky, foresty selection of experimental healing sounds. Compiled by our magician and psytrance activist DJ LeoHawk aka Leo Burkatov from one of the hotspots and sources of psychedelic culture: San Francisco, California. The Flower of Life – is a sacred geometry used since ancient times by different cultures worldwide. This releases aim is to awake the understanding of its spiritual and cultural significance. By visualizing the sacred patterns and meditating on these are said to be healthy and beneficial in many different ways. This is our ecstatic interpretation: crunchy full-power music suited for the night and early twilight hours with a twist of light and love to guide you to an experience of another magical moment of existence. On this release you find some of the most prolific producers in forest psychedelia as well as newcomers who have blown our minds with amazing production of magical proportions! Dust-proved New Age summertime outdoor-sound: tested and approved from forest to desert dance floors.

Music to feed your head.

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