Technicolor Dream Goat

Virtual Light, Act One, Kabayun, Argonik

Surprise Surprise! We bring you a spectacular EP by Virtual Light and Act One including a remix by Kabayun and Argonik. Bringing this funky concept together is the tailor-made cover art by Joe Sanchez and mastering by TRK. Technicolor Dream Goat is the story of a randy goat boy named Pan, who while on a diplomatic mission deep in cyberspace, stumbled upon a coat so powerful it would change the course of history. When randy Pan wore this jacket, it gave him the power to play the bass like an intergalactic wizard. It was a psychedelic coat and he was a funky junky. A bass so deep and creamy it brought peace and order to the galaxy. A jacket so psychedelic, it sends cosmic rays directly to the loins of its onlookers. But if in the wrong hands, this jacket would create immense chaos and a force so seductive it would get you pregnant just by looking at it! Sit down, strap in, and brace yourself for a mind-melting sonic adventure into the kaleidoscopic world of the Technicolor Dream Goat! Sangoma Records - Pure GOATrance.

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