Stop Wars 3: The Retire of the Jedi

Compiled by sG4rY

Sangoma Records proudly presents the final chapter of the epic “ Stop Wars” trilogy (unless they get bought up by Disney). After quadrillions of light years hitchhiking through galaxies, this sonic selection will awake retired jedis from their hibernation in order to feel the strength of the force on any interplanetary dancefloor’s first row. Munich-based pacifist padawan DJ sG4rY has tried his best to succeed on his way of peacefully working with the forces of music while challenging the regime - uniting aliens, goblins, wookies – you name it – from this galaxy to explore further regions of consciousness yet to be discovered by brave fearless psychonauts. As an intergalactic souvenir Sg4rY secured these 6 tunes by upcoming and established aliens - multidimensional revelations, sharp like laser swords and fearsome like the death star. So fuel your spaceship, turn up the volume and get ready to see and hear the Stop Wars story culminate. Wars should be science fiction and not reality.

Sangoma Records – music with an attitude.

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