Sangoma Records presents the long-awaited, full-length debut album by Cyk from Brazil, who is also an integral part of the project Alchemy Circle releasing their smashing debut album with Sangoma back in 2019. For this album, Cyk drew inspiration from ancient tales and rituals that he encountered, infusing them with his distinctive take on the psytrance sound. The tracks comprise elements like traditional instruments, tribal rhythms, and enchanting melodies, creating a sonic landscape that immerses listeners in the essence of traditional knowledge and spirituality. In the context of this album, "Lore" delves into the rich tapestry of Brazilian folklore and traditional culture exploring themes that are deeply rooted in history and mythology. The album serves as a vessel to transmit the timeless wisdom and beauty encapsulated within these cultural narratives, breathing new life into ancient tales and offering a contemporary interpretation of traditional knowledge. Sangoma Records - Binaural Beats Therapy.

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