Infinity Prolonged


2022 is here, and Sangoma Records starts the new year with this special release. Superluminal (Kabayun & Yasmin) are back with their second EP on Sangoma Records. A common theme in science fiction deals with contact between humanity and life from other star systems, often enabled by spaceships that can travel at superluminal speeds. Here on earth, music is something that has the power to transcend cultural and linguistic differences and bring people from all walks of life together in a shared experience. This EP builds on this theme of bridging the divide between people through music and through the trance dance experience. Featuring two solo tracks as well as collaborations with Argonik, Daksinamurti & Eritas, this EP aims to take the listener on a journey towards a future that recognizes our shared humanity, towards a world-based on compassion and rationality.

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