Amba Saman

Compiled by Emiel & Daksinamurti

Here is our final release for this crazy year 2020. A digital-only compilation carefully crafted by our label heads Emiel and Daksinamurti. This release is the first chapter “ winter” of a new series covering the seasons. While the whole world seems to go crazy - we stayed active, focused on what we love most, and spent a lot of time working on music. In a time where we could slow down, focus on ourselves, and travel to our inner states many chose the path to a parallel universe full of stupidity, propaganda, and misinformation. Lost souls in an ever-evolving world which simple minds can’t comprehend. With this release, we shift the focus to ancient and archaic techniques of ecstasy and honor those who work for the benefit of others in these times. Amba Saman (The Big Shaman) is in homage to those healers who have been with us since the birth of mankind and who's rich and colorful tradition is still alive today, visualized in the stunning cover by Rosenfeldtown. 12 Trance inducing tunes, mastered by Scorb (TRK Mastering) to send you through the three worlds and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. The soundtrack of your sanity. Sangoma Records - Medicinal Music.

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