A Little Larger Than The Entire Universe

Egon's Embrace

What can be said about a producer who takes his feelings and introspections about a broken world and turns them into an expressive art form that is almost like a painting made with electronic sounds. In his own words, Egon’s Embrace wants “to produce something that takes him someplace otherworldly” and we at Sangoma are entranced to self-indulge into Egon’s personal catharsis. “A Little Larger Than The Entire Universe” is an experimental psychedelic oddity, full of lush sonic landscapes and melodies that are at once beautiful and dark. It is an intriguing invitation for the audience, as its music shape aesthetic experience into engaging electronic aural event with layer upon layer of subtlety. The nine tracks on the album shape a dark sonic descent into a netherworld of life amidst love, joy, depression, and an ever-evolving landscape of human life marked by encounters with others. Egon’s Embrace succeeds in giving us yet another interplay between dreamy, melodic, and yet dark electronic psychedelic music. As with everything he has ever done, this release has more ways of finding and seeing profound beauty in the despair and agony that often surround us. In order to visually accompany Egon’s musical vision, art cover has been made by established Polish painter Leszek Kostuj whose understanding of art as an everlasting metamorphosis of our grasp of reality is a perfect companion to the album complex narrative. Thanks to Ady “Scorb” Connor, a highly regarded mastering engineer, tracks are ready to embrace you and share with you pieces of Egon’s (in)sanity. We are thrilled to invite you to witness with us evolution, creativity, and inspiring psychedelic experience of a unique producer whose music is definitely outside “of the box”. In the end, as haunting and dreamy as it is, Egon’s Embrace has carefully nurtured a perfect soundtrack for listeners to embark on a truly inspirational psychedelic experience - we at Sangoma Records are delighted to share it with you.

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