Ashtak Singh

An intriguing expression of his journey into spirituality, his work is at the edge where microscopic intricacy meets minimalism. This resounding clash of so-called opposites expressed through a myriad layers infuses his art with a fantastic, almost extraterrestrial tonality.

“Everything is connected”, he says as his art nudges the viewer to discover the undiscovered, opening their mind to the unseen connections in nature. With otherworldly visions that come to him as he meditates, he visualizes, destroys and reconstructs. Because, only after complete and total destruction is reincarnation. The reincarnation of an idea. The reincarnation of a belief. The reincarnation of an art form. 

Trilochana – Art by an artist guided by his third eye.
He is Ashtak – A Spiritually enhanced Psychedelic Artist.

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