Live Act - Germany
Upavas, meaning “coming close to one’s true self” in ancient Sanskrit, is a name that aptly describes Upavas’s life journey. From humble beginnings growing up in a hippie commune in Germany’s countryside in the 1970s, where he could be found singing and playing songs on the guitar at six years of age, to living in Goa in the 1980s and partaking in the beginnings of the global psychedelic trance scene, to becoming an accomplished forest psytrance producer on Sangoma Records - Upavas is the embodiment of a life dedicated to music.

With a Bachelor’s degree in sound design and an innate gift for composing, Upavas’ distinct style is masterfully crafted in a way that’s magnetically compelling to the listener. His unmistakable sound is driven by massive kick-bass lines in the forest style coupled with twilight groove elements, invoking a synchronous melting of dark and uplifting moods.

In 2013 Upavas joined Sangoma Records as a resident artist. His first EP was “Here And Now” released in 2014. Upavas continued releasing music on several compilations, on VA’s on his home label Sangoma Records, as well as on other labels. His second EP, “The Goose is Out” was released on Sangoma in 2019.
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