Module Virus (RIP)

Live Act - Portugal
Bruno Miguel Oliveira Isidro was born in Portugal, and at the early age of 14 he started developing his passion and building his knowledge of electronic music such as techno, drum & bass, chill out, ambient, but mainly psytrance. In 2002 Bruno started playing DJ sets around the UK and began his journey into production and performing live sets. Since then he has been working on many projects, the most successful of which are a psy-trance project: “Module Virus” which he signed to Bom Shanka Music in 2009, and released his 1st EP “Synthetic Slingshot” in 2012, after much success of is first EP, his 1st Album Harmonic Substances was released in 2013, followed by his 1st album. Module Virus released his second album in 2015. Bruno has many alias which many people don’t know about it. His Dub-Step project for example “Dirty Job”, which has 15 releases on many labels world-wide. In 2012 he decided to start a slower trance project, “Synchronicity”, concentrated around 140-142bpm, but still with ass-kicking dance-floor orientated grooves & rhythms, and brain-bending psychedelic leads and FX, which he signed to World People Productions that same year, and where he released his 1st EP “NightRambler”, and his slbum All Pirates Aboard the ship. Followed by his 2 Ep One particular Dimension. In 2016 he joined the Sangoma Records family and released his third album Xochipili – The seven flowers. In 2018 he released his most anticipated Module Virus & Friends album, Pura Vida. Be sure to catch him performing one of these projects all over the world at a place near you soon! Releases: 2012 EP “Synthetic” (Bom Shanka Music) 2013 CD “Harmonic Substances” (Bom Shanka Music) 2015 CD “Infectious” (Bom Shanka Music) 2016 CD “Xochipili – The seven flowers” (Sangoma Records) 2018 CD “Pura Vida” (Sangoma Records)