Miazu & Polly

Dj - Finland
The ultimately unbelievably believable couple of Finnish forest tales.

These two have seen people up from daring dreams and crazy one-off ideas into making music, parties, circus, art --- so many people who have springed up from what they've done. They've done, and keep on doing so much for the Finnish forest culture. I think everyone whose paths have crossed Miazu's and Polly's can agree they make a lasting impression. With them it's easy to find love in what they do. When goa trance started in Finland in the '90s, it was a small scene. Parties in Finland were few and far between. Subcultures were formed, lots of random stuff happened, but Miazu and Polly just concentrated in doing energetic psy-nights notorious for providing a complete immersion into the latest music available. Less fillers, more killers! Top quality each time.

Many years passed. People of The Butterflies did so many parties. The daring couple ventured into label collaborations, gobsmackingly many kinds of party productions, everlasting radio show slots and just ... Mothering and Fathering a major part of the psy-trance culture in Finland.
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