Live Act - Germany
In the late 90s, Andy Kuchenbauer and JanOsh met in a sleepy Bavarian village near Munich to take the first steps into what later became the psytrance project “Lemurians”. In the surroundings of the record label “Shiva Space Technology,” they found a haven to develop their sound and later release it to the dancefloors of the world.

Equipped with famous analogue synthesizers their studio soon became the center of not just “Lemurians” but also collaborations with other Artists like Skazi, Cosma and DJ Jörg, and many more.

The two nighttime-oriented full-length albums “Crystal Mind” and “Secret Message” made quite an impact on the global Psytrance scene. With another 50+ releases on numerous record labels between 1999 and 2004, Andy and JanOsh parted ways. Andy moved to Norway and JanOsh started to focus more on traditional songwriting with his Band “The Canvas Divine” never turning his back on music production though. The pulse of Psytrance never left JanOshs veins and after 15 years of not producing electronic music, JanOsh decided to go back to electronica and start over with fresh energy.

His way into electronic music started quite early: “You know, I actually started out making sampled music and sound experiments at the age of 8 or 9 with an old, analogue 4-Track cassette-recorder recording electrical Noises, hitting Pans, using reverse playbacks of my mom's rants when I did not clean up my room, recording the vacuum cleaner, etc. Then my dad bought me a Roland W30 and an Atari Mega STE running Steinberg 24 a few years later and things changed for me. In the meantime, I discovered electronic music like Sven Väth - The Harlequin - The Robot and the Ballet-Dancer, or records by Cygnus X which changed my life forever. All my pocket money went straight into buying new vinyl.

I was already deep into electronic music when I stumbled across Flying Rhinos' “First Flight” in ´96 flipping through the vinyl in a record shop around the corner and boy...my world was shaken again. I could not believe the sounds I heard and decided to dig deeper into psychedelic trance and its movement.”

In early 2019 JanOsh started to make his way back into producing faster, dancefloor-oriented music. With releases on Future Music Records, 24/7 Records, and Sangoma Records, JanOsh continues leaving an imprint on the psychedelic dancefloors of the world and is planning to keep on producing cutting-edge psychedelic music in the future.
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