Collab Project - Italy
Kaliyuga is one of stages that the world goes through as part of the cycle of Yugas, as described by the VEDA in the ancient scriptures. In the age of Kali duplicity, perversity, hypocrisy, malice, heresy, pride and arrogance pervade the whole universe. Men perform sacrifices and undertake sacred vows with some unholy motive. Self-control, charity, compassion and wisdom disappear while stupidity and fraud multiply to a large extent. The age of Kali is a time of distruction, impurities and vices but it has some virtues too. Final emancipation is possible in the Kali age without any exertion. Moreover, the same goal which is reached through meditation or the practice of Yoga is also obtained through dancing and listening to music, humans are able to free the soul and show their true self in the Kali age. No other age can compare with the Kali age provided a man has faith (in its virtue); for in this age one can easily cross the ocean of trancemigration. featuring artists: Anarkick(production,arranging,synths) and Breska (drums,mangled FX & Vox,synths)
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