Dj - USA
Izzy is a New York City based DJ who has performed numerous events lifting crowds off their behinds to find their way stomping on the dancefloor to fresh psychedelic beats. Shortly after attending his first psytrance festival in 2009 he found himself behind a pair CDJs, beat matching his short collection of tunes in no time. After throwing a mind-blowing set at Luis Campos’s Psycheground in the end of 2010, he found his schedule flooded with gigs almost every weekend, leading him to join Rob’s Radial Engine Tribe and Sebastian’s Paradigm Shift. Only after a year of DJing, Izzy’s potential was immediately recognized, leading him to join Daksinamurti Till’s and Emiel's psytrance music label, Sangoma Records. Since the beginning of his DJ career, Izzy has shared the room with some of the most well known Psytrance artists across the globe. Besides playing countless events in NYC, he has torn up dance floors in Israel, Boston, the Arizona dessert and a quite a few shindigs in Albany. You can hear some of Izzy's favorite styles in his compilations that he released the Michael Cosinus in VA Ironic Creatures (2013) and VA Ironic Cultures (2015). His sets consist of carefully chosen psychedelic beats ranging from 135 BPM all the way up to 150 BPM. He is very keen on playing the appropriate music for the right time and place. Whether he is playing uplifting and melodic or deep and dark he is known to always keep his sets groovy and psychedelic, leaving his crowd begging for one more track.
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