Hierophants (Via Aixs, Purist and Yachay)

Collab Project - Brazil
Hierophants is the Brazil based project of Via Axis & Purist & Yachay. Somewhere bordering the world of forest and dark, yet very uplifting in its form (bass and drums) and often containing melodic moments. Experimental sound design, always reaching for the unusual so it has a characteristic alien feeling. Much of its power leans on the soundscapes that transport the listeners to other environments. The faster tempo makes the music sound fresh, crisp and energizing while intensifying this otherworldly feeling. Like the Hierophants from space have landed and are preaching their encrypted hi-tech mass. The intention is definitely not evil. It's very dancefloor-oriented and mentally overwhelming. It is purely sensorial, with dynamic arrangements and speaks its own language.
Book Hierophants (Via Aixs, Purist and Yachay)