Dj - India
Emiel is a multifaceted psychedelic artist and DJ since the end of the 1990s and runs the label Sangoma Records together with Daksinamurti since 2011. The former fine arts graduate is based in Doha, Qatar, where he puts his constant effort to create art and music releases. The results are the various compilations as well as many of Sangoma’s artwork and branding. His love for details and aesthetics reflect in the numerous music release cover art, posters, flyers for events and festivals, logos, and other designs he created. Although Emiel has never been a fan of fame and decided to step out of the limelight of today’s social media urge of like-hunting and self-promotion - he has been constantly working within the scene. His love for psychedelic music and culture brought him to various events and festivals around the globe. Emiel’s ever-evolving taste in music is extensive and he is always looking for fresh ideas and maturing into a deeper and more complex space.
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