Elf de la Nooi

Live Act - India
Elf de la Nooi is Saw as his friends like to call him. Saw is a psytrance producer originally from India and Elf de la Nooi simply means Elf of the night. When Saw was a little boy he was captured and raised by Elves in the forest . The Elves would make unearthly music with their strange instruments and Saw and the Elves would dance every night until the sun came up for several years until one day the Elves had to leave. Saw has been searching for his Elf friends ever since. The legend goes that Elven music can be heard and felt by Elves across the universe. Therefore, Saw started to write psychedelic music in 2011 hoping to recreate the same music that he heard during his time with the Elves and be reunited with them. He is getting closer every day. Some of the Earthlings who have heard Saw’s music describe it as dance floor stomping psychedelic tunes that takes you on an energetic journey to a wonderful and mystical place which is neither too dark nor too light. His music ranges from diverse ambient soundscapes to liquid psychedelic and brain massaging leads. Saw has previously released music on Liquid Frequency Records, Tarapita Sounds and Hynotique Recordings.
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