Dj - Japan
BuzZ is a Psychedelic Trance DJ and event organizer from Kobe, Japan.

Since 2006, Buzz is involved with various parties in the Kansai area, especially Osaka and Kobe. In 2014 he joined Sangoma Records and compiled the release “Tanuki Tandava” on the label in 2015. Since then he also comes to Europe annually and played at various festivals and parties such as Ozora Festival (Hungary), MoDem Festival (Croatia), Sonica Festival (Italy), PsyFi Festival (Netherlands), Kosmos Festival (Finland), Wonderland Festival (Germany), Simsalaboom (Germany), Yaga Gathering (Lithuania), Fractalia Festival (Germany), Gaggalacka Festival (Germany) Hadra Festival (France) among others. He is a regular established DJ and plays his eclectic sets all over the country. “変幻自在” Style.
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