Live Act - Iran
Argonik is the psychedelic trance project of Armin Nezhad. Born in Iran, Armin started playing instrumental music as a teenager, mostly piano, guitar, and drums, from classical to flamenco to rock. He became familiar with the psychedelic trance experience in the late 90s and a few years later, in 2006, he traveled to Goa for the first of many seasons he would spend there. It didn’t take long for Armin to become an active member of the Goa scene. He played his first DJ set in Goa in 2009, joined the esteemed Goa-Freaks collective the following year, and played many memorable sets at legendary venues like 9Bar, West End, Monkey Valley, Hilltop, Dream Beach, Shiva Place, Hippies, UV Bar, Shiva Valley and more, DJing as DJ Armin.

In 2012 he started making his own events in Goa and has been a key presence in the Persian community there. 

Armin’s first taste of production came in 2012 when he learned the basics of Cubase studying with Arjuna. Over the next few years, he worked hard to hone his skills and later joined Paranormal Records and Trilochana Records with his darkpsy project Dragonik. 

In 2020 Armin decided to focus all his creative energies on a new project, Argonik, that brings together everything he has absorbed over the years on the Goa dance floors. 

Argonik’s unique style, range, and passion are a welcome addition to the Sangoma family.  With a solo EP and a handful of collaborations with Kabayun and Superluminal already released and a lot more music in the works, this is a project you definitely want to watch!
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