Live Act - Italy
Leo Khan aka Anarkick is the product of a social experiment.
Growing up in Goa from the mid-80s and through the 90s Leo was able to see the beginning and the evolution of the music scene there. Personally experiencing the passage from the first forms of electronic music into what we now call Psytrance. Sounds he took an immediate interest in, starting to collect music and playing. in '96 he began a collaboration with Goa Jonas and together they played in most of the major events in Goa seasons 96-98. A couple of years passed as a DJ and Leo felt the need to start composing his own tunes. So he got involved in the construction of what is now called the "Discovalley records studio” in Chapora, producing a few tracks in collaboration with M.I.C. (Made In Chapora) that were released on the first Parvati Records compilations around the year 2000. The experience opened a new world and a new way for him to enjoy the music, a passion that has kept through the years until today, where it is active as ever.
You can find its traces on most digital platforms, with many pseudonyms, involved in numerous projects and in a variety of musical styles.
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