Icaro by Purist


Sangoma Records proudly presents a blockbusting addition to its array of releases.

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Released: February 15th 2016
Artist: Purist
Name: Icaro
Catalogue no: TSANGEP017
Label: Sangoma Records
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic Trance
Format: Digital EP
Mastering: Scorb @TRK Mastering
Artwork: Aashit Singh (theare.co.in)

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Coming June 15th selected by DJ sG4rY

A New Dope News Banner

Sangoma Records proudly presents a blockbusting addition to its array of releases: The “Stop Wars EP” series, a triple EP digital release, compiled by our germanoid label DJ sG4rY.

This release is not meant to be only a homage to movies we all love, but also a humorous approach and a statement from Sangoma Records, for a peaceful and nonviolent world in turbulent times like these. This first episode “A new Dope”, of the saga contains 5 action packed tunes, ranging from 146 Bpm to 152 Bpm for all you Yoga Jedis, Shanti Skywalkers, and even those who prefer the dark side of the force for whatever reason. Crispy clear three-dimensional sounds mastered by Tron, which shoot straight into orbit to experience and reenact some great science fiction memories, and mad fantasies. Wars should remain as science fiction, and not become reality – may the force be with us.

1. Hookers vs Hypereggs – Scrambled Bitches
2. Chakraview – Jedi Jam
3. Zzbing – Rack Attack
4. Cosinus – Within the Deep
5. Babagoon vs Elowinz – C3PO

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Welcome to our new website.

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Welcome to Sangoma Records!

Sangoma Records is a sub-label of South Africa’s Timecode Records, founded in 2011 out of enthusiasm for psychedelic culture and music by the virtuoso Emiel/Gata Freak and cultural anthropologist Daksinamurti – both DJs for over a decade.

We want to bring you the latest news and releases from our label and as such we are proud to release our revamped website.

Have a look at the live acts and DJs under our label and get in touch with them. Also you can view our recent releases to get some organic medicine for your ears!

Himavat Dāna


Sangoma Records have gathered some of our artists and friends to show their solidarity with the people of Nepal, and other parts of the Himalaya region, who are in need of help after the series of natural disasters it had to face recently, and which some of us witnessed being there at the time disaster struck.

The April earthquake killed more then 8000 people, affected the life of millions, and destroyed important cultural heritage of mankind. “Himavan” stands for personification of the Himalaya as a living entity and “dāna” is the philosophic principle of giving aid to the needy not only as a spiritual concept but also for humanity.

In many Indian religions like Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity. For the people of Nepal things in the next month will continue to get tough. People are camping outside – too afraid to return to their damaged homes and monsoon is about to start in the next weeks, which will result in possible landslides and the risk of diseases.

We therefore decided to collect money to cover the basic needs in the next months like food, tents, medicine among other things closely working with locals who distribute it to the effected areas. Also an amount of the money will go to local Jhankris, shamans and the traditional doctors of the rural society, which lost their possession and need help to be able to help others and continue with the healing process this country needs.

Sangoma Records would like to thank everybody who contributed and supported this release and those who stand with Nepal in difficult times like this. More infos can be found in the booklet of the release. Updates and status will be posted on our facebook page.

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Mystic Vocation


Mystic Vocation – compiled by Emiel (Out Now)
(Sangoma Records)

Another chapter of the Sangoma saga unfolds. We are excited to present our new compilation “Mystic Vocation”, compiled by none other than label head Emiel. The theme of this release and artwork by Luminokaya is inspired by shamanism, which will reflect in the musical selection as well. Deep mystical sounds to sync you with your inner landscapes to explore the three worlds. The mystical vocation of the shaman is the inner urge to heal often resulting from being chosen by the spirits. Audio masters and sonic sorcerers from all continents have gathered and contributed to this release and guarantee diversity with unique tracks fresh from the source. Emiel managed to skillfully select a wide range of timeless music and create a storyline that will leave no questions unanswered.

Pure and strong organic psychedelia from the heart is Sangoma’s prescription that is guaranteed to work without side effects for the mind, body and soul.

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Kabayun – Existing in Parallel


Kabayun – Existing in Parallel (Out Now)
(Sangoma Records)

We at Sangoma Records are thrilled and ecstatic to present our 10th EP “Existing in Parallel”. by our newly signed producer Kabayun from the other side of the big lake. This digital EP is not unlike the sounds or vibes you have come to expect from Kabayun, but with this release David redefines his music and brings it to a new, even more powerful direction. Danceable full-power night time music with a good dose of forest influences. This formula is exactly what makes it a special release for us, and hopefully for all you as well. Prepare your senses for some jaw dropping captivating audio experience that is Kabayun. Sangoma Sounds to feed your head.

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