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Yebah is the most recent music project of Miguel Ferro, a psychedelic trance producer from Portugal. Engineer as profession and lover of electronic music from an early age, his connection with music production began in 2003 in the need of compose drum beats for its lyrics. He met psytrance through friends at a New Year’s Eve party in 2005 where he awoke to the most deep music connection.

After couple of years exploring and loving the psytrance concept he started to produce this musical genre. Since 2009 Miguel has been producing music under the name Amras as a darkpsy / hitech artist and in 2018 he decided to create this project and finally create the sound that always inspired him. Influenced by the sounds of nature he has been working on this project with love and devotion to provide a musical journey characterized by organic sounds, deep atmospheres and psychedelic elements. The Yebah name was chosen for being an expression of pure joy and that is what he wants to achieve on you with his music.