Polly & Miazu

Polly & Miazu are a long time soulmates and a dj couple from Helsinki, Finland, whose sets are known to burst energies and blend styles into a huge positive vibe trancedance experience for the dancefloor. Miazu’s beautiful and melodic selections blended with Polly’s rough and energetic sounds create a unique mix of gentle raw energy of psychedelia with tones of shady foresty audioscapes. There has not been single boring gig with them as their sets get in to the flow and let dance unite us! Miazu & Polly are a pioneering couple on Finnish psy trance scene and culture, having played, created amazing events and brought some of the biggest names in global underground psy music scene to Finland since 2005. Under the name People of the Butterflies crew, founded in 2007, they organise events and festivals and release free albums and compilations. They’ve also been one of the Finnish emissaries of psy music, having played internationally on most of the established European festivals, among them Fullmoon Festival and Antaris project.