Merry:) is Marian from Dresden (East Germany) – a fullblood PsyTrance freak for more than 10 years who loves to transfer his smile to the dancefloor.

His dj set could be described as a freaky mix something between twisted TWILIGHT, powerful DARK PSYTRANCE and deep FOREST PSY – kicking twisted nighttime psytrance around 150 BpM which is blasting at peak moments but not to evil and not too cheesy!
In 1998 Merry:) had started his dj carreer connected with organizing parties with his crew INSULIN PRODUCTIONS in Dresden. So far he was involved in many different projects and collected a lot of experiences over more than 10 years. Now he´s one of the initiators of the GAGGALACKA Family, whose purpose is to organise festivals and parties with fresh innovative artists and freaky atmosphere between Berlin and South Germany.
Merry:) so far performed at festivals and parties with between 50 and 5.000 people on the dancefloor in countries like Israel, India, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and almost all over in Germany… more soon :) He loves to travel with his music, get to know new countries and new dancefloor mentalities…

From 2011 he has started a new DJ project together with his brother-in-mind: DJ Sg4rY from Heidelberg… For the future both are offering a powerful DJ set with their PingPong – Brother- Energy… as BROTH3RYS:). At the moment both are working on a compilation together “Brotherys Balderdash” – coming soon on Purple Hexagon.