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    Psychedelic Trance

When Upavase was six years old and living in a commune in rural Germany, he found a guitar in his attic. He decided to play with it; the first real chord he struck (accidentally, after noises that had the hippies in the commune running for their lives) was an E minor and the then hippie kid was fascinated, that he could do something like that. At age 14 Upavas learned the ins and outs of music theory.

1986-87, Upavas had just arrived in Goa where he really fell in love with electronic music. A few early DJ gigs in places like the shorebar, Anjuna, Goa, and some small parties in Germany followed in 1994, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 in Hawai’i, that he really started djing at and promoting Goa parties. Upavas had DJ gigs at events in North America, Europe, North Africa and Japan.

In 2002, Upavas began first attempts at electronic music writing. Four years later he completed his studies in sound design for visual media at a film school in Vancouver. After the release of several tracks of his on VA’s, and three dance music EP releases with Warp Brain Records, Goa Records and Plusquam Records, Upavas wrote his ambient album, “Solar Energy” and self-released it in January 2012. His track “Solar Energy” has been licensed for a sci fi animation and a space documentary, several of his other tracks have also been licensed for film and The USA Weather Channel. In August 2013 Warp Brain Records released Upavas’ Psy Trance Album “In Full Swing”. Upavas has been playing live sets of his own music since 2011 and joined Sangoma Records in September 2013.