Sangoma Records is a sub-label of South Africa’s Timecode Records, founded in 2011 out of enthusiasm for psychedelic culture and music by the virtuoso Emiel/Gata Freak and cultural anthropologist Daksinamurti – both DJs for over a decade.

In southern Africa the Sangoma is an intermediary for the ancestors and sacred spirits, the wanderer between the worlds and the practitioner of herbal medicine – a healing shaman or for some a feared witchdoctor.

The aim of Sangoma Records is to release psychedelic music without any stubborn stylistic definitions and boundaries – music made by unique new talents and established artists who don’t follow trends and instead deliver something new and outside of boxes. The aim of “Sangoma” is not only to release authentic music but also to observe, support and create culture.

Sangoma Records: Organic medicine for your ears.



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Ironic Creatures Banner Slider

VA: Ironic Creatures compiled by Izzy & Cosinus

After two years of serious Internet hustling and critical listening, two unordinary DJ’s from the Sangomafia are proud to present their first compilation, Ironic Creatures. Michael and Izzy’s taste are particularly unique in their own way. So they decided to munch on what they thought was the best of each other’s – which is what …

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Flower of Life Banner Slider

VA: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life compiled by Leo Hawk

Your medicinal music dispensary Sangoma Records brings you a fresh freaky, foresty selection of experimental healing sounds. Compiled by our magician and psytrance activist DJ LeoHawk aka Leo Burkatov from one of the hotspots and sources of psychedelic culture: San Francisco, California. The Flower of Life – is a sacred geometry used since ancient times …

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Primordial Ooze - User Guide EP Banner Slider

Primordial Ooze – User Guide

Sangoma Records is delighted to announce their 3rd digital EP: “User Guide” by Primordial Ooze from America’s Midwest. Scott and Igor’s obsession with the weird natural world has left its traces in their organic sounding music. Flowing tones that seem to bubble and evolve like primitive life forms. These bundles of frequencies collaborate in a …

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Kalumet - Sheer Liquid Banner Slider

Kalumet – Sheerliquid Wonderment

Sangoma Records is happy to present the EP of Kalumet. Zoltan Vajda has been working on electronic music since 1994, when acid parties started to spread in Budapest. He quickly became one of the most significant producers in the Hungarian trance scene. His unique style, a fusion of several different genres made him a constant …

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Universcience EP

Universcience – Breath of the Universe

Sangoma Records is happy to announce it’s first EP by the russian duo Universcience. Elena and Sergey deliver us their vision of modern psychedelic Goatrance. They combine classic elements and shape them into a modern, forest friendly outfit – perfectly fitting the early morning or afternoon dancefloors. Hypnotic morning music for the mind, body and …

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Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.04.43 PM

VA: Spirit Voices compiled by Gata Freak & Daksinamurti

Greetings inhabitants of the blue planet! Sangoma Recs presents a new dose of tasty medicine for your ears – this time compiled by label owners Gata Freak & Daksinamurti. The two present a very special selection of contemporary psychedelic gems, tested on various dancefloors around the planet. Music with soul – prescribed by your sonic …

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9 Live Banner Slider

VA: 9Lives compiled by Back to Mars

Sangoma recs is delighted to present a compilation by one of the most respected DJane in the psytrance community. 9Lives of Hofmann was a party organization founded by 4 Dutch guys in 1999 that became a legend in Amsterdam, throwing underground parties that always kept going. The spirit of 9Lives is the following: never stop, …

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Multi Faith Banner Slider

VA: Multi-Faith Mantra compiled by sG4rY

Sangoma Records is happy to present its first compilation. A musical journey through different sound patterns compiled by our label-DJ sG4rY from Germany. VA-Multi-Faith Mantra is a release made for the ones who move, groove and never get tired, a primordial vibe like a Rudraksh bead. A multi faced tool with mutual outcomes – uniting …

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VA : Shanti Jatra Vol 2. compiled by Daksinamurti

Shanti Jatra is a well established international festival in Nepal. October 2011 will be the third edition at a beautiful spot in Nepal combining Psytrance with local culture in form of Shaman and Healers of the Himalaya. This is also the theme of this compilation by DJ Daksinamurti. The shamanic journey begins in the here …

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Z Gospodin

-Z- (Alpha & Antagon) – Gospodin

Sangoma records are well pleased to release the 2nd album from the German duo -Z- (Alpha & Antagon), who have a rich musical background & have been in the scene for decades now. They have played at some of the biggest festivals and underground events around the planet like Ozora, Boom ,Vuuv, Universo Paralello & …

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